Monday, 1 February 2010

My first OPI's :-)

Hi Ladies!

Just a quick post to show you these little babies which I acquired first ever OPI polishes yay! Firstly I know, I am on project 10 pan at the moment and this is a bit of a fail *slaps wrist!* but other this one teenie weenie little purchase I am doing really well (I've also used up 3 things so far - update coming soon!)

So I said in my things I would like to try in 2010 post that if I ever did get my mits on some OPI polishes my first one would probably be do you lilac it, so it will come as no suprise that that was the first one which went into my basket! closely followed by mod about you and my private jet :-)

At the moment I am sporting my private jet and I absolutely adore the colour its completely different from anything else in my nail polish collection and so pretty! I can't wait to try out the other two :-)

Let me know if you would like to see swatches of any of these, and what is your favourite OPI polish? I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a couple more soon!

Hope you're having a lovely week!


  1. Love them!
    I want some OPI and China Glaze polishes!

  2. I've been wearing mod about you lots recently- it's such a pretty pink! x

  3. Ohh gorgeous colour choices hun! I really want to try OPI too... I've added them to my current MASSIVE wishlist lol xoxo

  4. I'd love to see some swatches! I love OPI but only have 3 colours of them! x

  5. Oooh they are all so pretty! I love do you lilac it - a swatch would be lovely please :) x

  6. They look pretty :)

    I love Mod about You, and am waiting for Do You Lilac It to be delivered!


  7. Love all the colours you got! Mod About You is my summer staple!
    Haven't got My Private Jet though - may have to order it because it looks gorgeous! I'm a sucker for dark nail polish :)

  8. Lovely colours, I have Done Out In Deco and Kiss On The Chic which are similar!

  9. they look amazing daisy! can't wait for some NOTD's! xx

  10. ive been lusting over mod about you for ages! think i need to follow in your footsteps and purchase my 1st opi's too xx

  11. A great start to your collection! I have been wearing Black Cherry Chutney lately and I really recommend that and also Lincoln Park After Dark if you're looking for some more dark colours to add to your collection :) xx

  12. Love them! really need to gey my mitts on some OPI.
    Mod about you looks wanty!
    xx Milly xx


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx