Friday, 12 February 2010

Ins and Outs :-)

Hello lovely ladies,

I'm so glad its friday! I'm off work tomorrow (yay!) so I'm going to have a lovely lie in and a nice chilled out day - can't wait! So - whats in and out for me at the moment?


Getting a pay rise at work - Its not much more but every little helps! :-)

Lush! I bought my first ever lush item the other day - the comforter bubble bar and I love it I was amazed when my bath went all pink and bubbly! I'll definately be paying lush a visit again soon - any recommendations?

Tea and biscuits - who doesn't love tea and biscuits!? They're helping me get through my uni work at the moment. I particularly like lotus caramelised biscuits, does anyone else like these? yummy yum :-)

(lovely piccy from

Positive thinking - Quite a few things have been getting me down lately, but I've started concentrating on the positives and I'm feeling alot better :-)

New look - I've bought some fab things from there lately and they have 20% student discount on at the moment - not good for my bank balance!

Dr Hillary on dancing on ice - LOVE HIM! What a Gent!


Survivors - I really enjoyed the first series of this, I thought the BBC were on to a right winner! but i've not been too impressed with series 2, hopefully it'll pick up!

Mums and Sisters using my shampoo - why oh why! its for blonde hair and neither of you are blonde?!

Frost and ice - The morning ritual of de-icing the car is back bleughhhhhhh!

I'm glad my ins have out weighed my outs! :-)

Have a fab weekend and a lovely valentines day!


  1. I took my first trip to lush last weekend and I got a comforter its well...lush hehe i was in a bit of a bad mood last night and the bright pink bath instantly cheered me up :).

  2. yay for Lush :) the comforter is my fav at the moment too. I do have a draw full os stuff yet to use tho (lush addict I think)
    Gotta love the payrise too!

  3. I love the comforter! It lasted me about 5 baths too- fab. I think you should try the butterball- the smell is divine and so relaxing. It has cocoa butter in it too so it's really moisturising x

  4. I love lush :) & I hate the cold mornings :( XO

  5. Dr Hilary is really bad, I'm sorry but he is hehe, bless him though he's cute.

    Mikey all the way!!!
    Dancing on Ice nerd :) x

  6. The 'Honey I washed the kids' soap bar and 'Buffy' which is a exfoliating moisturizing body bar are both lovely. Esp the soap, it smells SO good. Well done on getting the pay rise!

  7. I'm really curious about lush too - i've never tried any of it but it seems to be getting a lot of raves!

  8. Yay for the payrise!

    Eee I hate Dr Hillary. My mum says he cheated on his pregnant wife! Dooshbag! lol.

    Great post xx

  9. Hello lovely!

    I love The Comforter! It smells gorgeous.



Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx