Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas Time Ins and Outs :-)

Hi ladies,

Sorry its been a while, hope you're all ready and excited for Christmas - I definately am (excited that is - ready....not so much!) I thought I'd give you a little update with my current ins and outs :-)


Revlon photoready foundation - I ran out of my holy grail foundation last week (Stila's illuminating skin foundation) and as this has a similar concept I thought I'd give it a try. A week in and I am pretty impressed! This is a really good colour match for my skin (I'm using 002 vanilla) its light and has great staying power.

Costa frosted mint hot chocolate - Heavenly!

Christmas Decorations - I love having the Christmas decorations up in the house, it always looks so empty when they go down! We have a real Christmas tree this year which looks fab!

The Puffy Pony - This is a hair styling tool which my mum bought me from Claires accessories. It is basically a comb which you put just above the hair band of your pony tail then let your hair fall over it. It has helped me achieve some fabulously voluminous up do's!

Love Actually - I adore this film, My favourite part is below - It brings a tear to my eye every time!

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The weather - My goodness its cold! it seems to be rarely out of the minus figures at the moment, I'm currently sporting two duvets on my bed and my beloved uggs rarely leave my feet!

Pens...without lids your leather handbag - Enough said!

Wrapping Christmas presents - I love buying presents for people, but wrapping them not so much! Especially ones which are awkward shapes, I always seem to cut the wrapping paper just a little too short too - what a fail!

X factor - I'm sad its over! I liked Matt, but I really wanted Rebecca to win. Who were you rooting for?

and thats everything! I hope you all have a really lovely Christmas and a fab New Year :-)


  1. Aw i love 'Love Actually' too! It was my christmas film last year :') I have no doubts that it will be on TV soon enough! x

  2. Love Actually! I need to watch it right now! I'm the same, that bit makes me cry - it's so emotional! xo

  3. Do you have a review on the Stila foundation? I was eyeing it up online earlier so it's funny you should mention it!
    I love Love Actually too - going to watch it tonight :-) xox

  4. Ooh the puffy pony sounds good! I might have to pop in to claires and have a look (:,xxx


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