Thursday, 25 November 2010

Product Of The Week: Batiste Brit

Hi Ladies,

Its time for a new product of the week! :-) Batiste dry shampoo has been a firm favourite of mine for absolutely yonks so when I spotted this new scent in superdrug the other week, i popped a couple of bottles straight in my basket!

Batiste Brit has a really light, fresh scent which I love. I use this inbetween washes to refresh my hair and add a little extra volume. I like the scent of this one so much it might even replace batiste diva as my favourite dry shampoo!

9/10 and a big thumbs up from me!


  1. i love the tropical one (:!xxx

  2. it smells exactly like the perfum Chloe :) xx

  3. @Holly I like that one too! :) x

    @Cowbiscuits really? I like it even more now! x

  4. My favourite is diva too so maybe I'll like this! If it smells like Chloe I'm sure I will! :) xo

  5. I have won some on twitter this I am so excited to try this one, I currently have blush

  6. i've never seen this looks like a good product!
    love your blog btw, feel free to check out mine too xxo

  7. Ooh not seen this one, will have to try it out! Hope you're well love!


  8. What a cute design! I'll definitely have to check this one out :).


  9. I love your blog... :D I've just started bloging myself. Would be really happy if you could stop by and take a look.


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx