Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Current Favourites :)

Hi Ladies,

So I think I have pretty much missed the boat for September favourites! So here are some of the lovely things I am reaching for at the moment, and a very recent purchase which I am in love with already! :)

1 - St Moriz tanning mist - I purchased this a couple of weeks ago after using the St Moriz tanning mousse for a while and I like this spray version just as much as the original (if not a tiny bit more!) Its quick and easy to apply, and gives a lovely sunkissed colour - thumbs up all round!

2 - Sheer Blonde Gleam Creme - This product never leaves my handbag, and I have used it regulary since I was about fifteen so I thought it was about time I showed it some love! It refreshes the ends of my hair when they start to feel dry and tames fly aways without leaving it greasy, this is one of my favourite hair products.

3 - NYC creme blush in plaza pink - I picked this up on my holidays this summer and I'm so glad I did! its adds a lovely peachy pink glow to the cheeks and is really easy to apply - just twist it up, pop a little on and blend with your fingers - easy peasy! :)

4 - NYX lipstick in Paris - This has been the lippie I have been reaching for most recently on nights out, its a fabulous bright pink with great staying power.

5 - MAC eyeshadow in Naked Lunch - I love this eyeshadow, so much so that I only have the tiniest bit left! it's a really subtle champagne pink with just the right amount of shimmer. I would definitely say this is my most used eye shadow, it looks great teamed with pretty much anything.

6 - MAC eyeshadow in Corduroy - Another favourite eyeshadow, corduroy is a matt brown which I use in the outer corner to add a little extra definition although it might look a little boring in the pan, this is really well pigmented and easy to build upon - I love it!

7 - Kinder eggs - who doesn't love kinder eggs! They always cheer me up (especially right now when I'm completely full of cold!)

and finally, my new hair straightners which are right at the top of my favourites list! After months of being straightner-less, and then a few attempts at cheaper brands (which were no match for my ridiculously thick hair!) I finally decided to spend some pennies on a new set of GHD's.

This is the limited edition pink patterned IV styler for breakthrough breast cancer. I love the detail on them, and they came with a lovely heat resistant mat and case which I think will be great for travelling! Unlike my older GHD's these have the new sleep function, where they turn themselves off after 30 minutes of not being used and they also seem to heat up much quicker :)

Hope you're having a great week!


  1. Oooo lovely favourites :) may have to try some of those out! plus pick myself up a kinder egg on the way hehe! becky xo

  2. I love the case the GHD's came in, so cute.

    Ive used John Frieda blonde range since I was a teenager, I love it all.

  3. Love the ghd's! Mine are so old, I'm really tempted to get the pink breast cancer ones! x

  4. I picked up the St. Moriz tanning mist a few months back but have been afraid to use it in case it goes everywhere and leaves stains! How do you avoid a mess?!
    Kat x Click&Make-Up

  5. @beckiangel44 You've got to love kinder eggs! x

    @NicolaAMT i love the john freida range too, I always get the shampoo and conditioner in my stocking at Christmas! x

    @Lydia These definitely feel kinder on my hair than my old ones (which met their tragic end when i stood on them whilst getting out of bed!) I'd put them on your Christmas list :) x

    @Kat O I tend to use it in the shower cubicle to stop it from going everywhere :) x

  6. Great favourites! Love those ghds! I've tagged you on my blog...

  7. thanks for sharing the blonde thing I will have to try this out! xx


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx