Thursday, 3 June 2010

Nails Of The Day - Essie Carousel Coral :)

Hi Ladies,

Essie's Carousel Coral is definitely my nail colour of the moment, Its bright and colourful but still manages to look fabulous with pretty much anything - Summer in a bottle! I normally change my nail colour every few days but I like this one so much that I've reached for it almost every time I've gone to paint my nails recently :)

Its a lovely true peachy pink coral colour, I'm definitely going to take this on holiday with me as I think it will look lovely with a tan! I really love the finish on this nail polish, it is super glossy. The formulation is lovely too, really easy to apply and great colour after two coats. Big thumbs up for Essie!

I'm really sorry for the lack of posts recently, I'm literally days from starting my exams - I have 7 and they don't finish untill the end of this month so I have super lots of work to do. ut I will definitely still be updating every now and again in my little revision breaks, just not quite as much as usual :-) Good luck to anyone else who is going through exams at the moment!


  1. That really pretty. Good luck with the exams x

  2. That colour looks so pretty :) Might invest in a bottle, though I have so much nail polish but another one couldn't hurt, right? Good luck with your exams! 7 exams? Wow, that is a lot, what is it you are studying? xxx

  3. There gorgeous! :) Good luck with the exams xo

  4. thats such a pretty colour and so shiney 2 !!! lol xxx



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