Monday, 28 June 2010

My NYX Round Lippies! :)

Hi Ladies,

I just thought I'd give you an overview of my NYX round lippies, I do have a couple more but I couldn't find them (they're probably lurking in the bottom of various handbags - sorry! I'll add them in when I come across them!). I think the NYX round lipsticks are great value for money, they have a fantastic colour selection and the formulation of the lipsticks is lovely - good pigmentation, glide on easily and not drying at all. I ordered most of mine online, as sadly you can't get many NYX products here in the uk *sob!* so shipping does bump up the price a little bit, but I still think they're worth it! :)

They are from left to right - Paris, Sierra, Snow White, Earth Angel, Thalia and Castle

My top three are definitely Paris, Snow White and Castle. Paris is a gorgeous barbie pink, perfect for the summer it has a really lovely glossy finish. Colour wise I would say it is pretty close to MAC's Pink Nouveau. Snow white is a true red - Slightly blue toned it looks amazing on nights out for a really striking look and Castle is a lilac/pink with a lovely shimmery finish - really pretty and unlike anything else in my collection.

and thats everything! I hope this was helpful and you're all enjoying this gorgeous weather :)

Speak Soon!


  1. Definately agree with your top 3!! Castle and Paris are my favourites. We sooooo need to have both Sephora and NYX in the UK!

  2. Great collection, I've never found a NYX lippie to suit me.. The search continues!

  3. @Ms Wedgie I know! now that Forever 21 is arriving I have everything crossed that we'll get Sephora sometime soon! x

    @Phoebe I've struggled too its really hard to judge when you can only buy online! Paris is a lovely wearable colour though if you like pinks! x

  4. Ohh I like Castle...I've never seen it before! Pretty :)

  5. Wow those colours are lovely!

  6. paris looks gorgeous.
    Great blog ( new follower)

  7. I love the colours. I'm still to try nyx lipsticks but when I do, I know that I'll definitely be buying Paris and Castle!


  8. Great collection, sweety! I have Thalia but it does not suit me at all :(


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx