Thursday, 27 May 2010

My OPI Collection :)

Hi Ladies,

I just thought I'd share my little collection of OPI's with you. I love OPI nail polishes (although I have been becoming a bit of an essie girl recently!) I find them really easy to apply and the colour selection is fabulous, so here are the ones I currently own :)

(L-R Mod about you, Argenteeny Pinkini, Panda-monium pink, Do you lilac it?)

Mod about you is a fabulous super light true baby pink, I love this colour it always seems to make my nails look perfectly polished, no matter how short or unshaped they may be! The only problem I have with it is that it formulation is quite hard to work with, I have to have a lot of patience when applying this as it can easily become very streaky and of all my OPI's it probably chips the easiest.

Argenteeny Pinkini is a really pretty pink, this is my mums favourite nail polish and it is forever going missing from my room! Its a lovely wearable colour which goes with everything, and has great staying power.

Panda-monium Pink was released with the Hong Kong collection. It looks very very similar to mod about you in the bottle but they are actually quite different! Panda-monium pink is much more blue toned, and not quite as light as mod about you. The formulation is great, everything that I wanted mod about you to be! This is my current go to nail polish - I love it!

Do you lilac it? was my first OPI and is still one of my favourites! it is a stunning lilac. I think this applys the best of all my OPI's, it gives a great opaque colour after 2 coats.

(L-R Coney Island Cotton Candy, My Private Jet, Black Cherry Chutney)

Coney Island Cotton Candy is a peach toned nude. This is probably one of my least worn OPI's, the colour is a bit harder to work with but I think it will look lovely in the summer months with a tan!

My Private Jet is a dark shimmering grey - A really gorgeous unique colour! I wear this quite alot on my toes, it looks fantastic and has amazing staying power!

Black Cherry Chutney is a deep plum with red undertones - This was my most worn nail polish in the colder months, I've mentioned before that it reminds me of Twilight, its very vampire-esque!

and thats all of them! I definitely need some bright summery colours so any nail polish recommendations (from any brand) would be fantastic! If you would like swatches of any of these just let me know :)

Hope you're having a fab week!


  1. I love mod about you! Although I find that it does 'peel off' quite easily. Do you lilac it looks gorgeous!

    I couldn't get on with 'Coney Island...' at all. It looked so funny with my skin tone. I reckon it'd look lots better with a tan though x

  2. Great collection! I'm absolutely loving China Glaze's 'Strawberry Fields', Nubar 'Baby Blue' and 'Lavender', and Models Own 'Pastel Pink' and 'Peach Sherbet'.


  3. OPI: California Raspberry, You're Such a Kabuki Queen
    Boots 17 range- Miami

    Those are my favourite summer nail polishes! xxx

  4. oooo thanks for the recommendations ladies!

    @Daisy I know exactly what you mean, I'm hoping i'll be able to pull it off a bit beter with a tan!


  5. Loving the look of Panda-monium Pink! My favourites at the moment are nude/pinks but the best OPI's I have for summer are Ate Berries in the Canaries and Feelin Hot Hot Hot, both gorgeous bright pinks. Would love to see your Essie polishes, I am slowing becoming an Essie convert. xx

  6. I'd love to try some OPI polishes.. great collection :)

  7. Lovely collection - I have three opi's so far but can't wait to get more!

  8. Great collection! :) I've got an award waiting for you on my blog :) x

  9. OPI is amazing! <3 my private jet! :)


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx