Wednesday, 30 January 2013

25 random facts about me :)

Hi Ladies,

I thought I would see if I could come up with 25 random facts about myself to share with you all, so here we go! :)

I love to read, when I was little my mum would have to comb my room for torches at bedtime and I would still sneak out onto the landing and read my book where the light was on!

I have never flown anywhere on my own - but I will for the first time, later this year!

I have one younger sister (who is taller than me!)

I love penguins - Penguins are my favourite animal, but I love any sort of sea life - One of my favourite days out is going to the aquarium :)

Reality TV is my guilty pleasure

I have a cat called Bella

I love coffee - We have a coffee machine at home and I am obsessed with coffee. Infact I have just put the coffee machine on right now (but I don't like coffee cake or coffee flavoured sweets yuck!).

My favourite place is New York - I can't wait to go back

My favourite sweets are Rowntree's randoms

I have been a student for 7 years but I'm nearly finished!

I used to want to be a teacher when I was little, I thought marking books would be the most fun thing ever!

I am short sighted and I wear contact lenses (I don't like wearing my glasses!)

When I was younger my favourite bands was steps, my mum took me to see their tour as a surprise and tricked me into thinking I was going to see Tom Jones!

I can't stand the smell of peanut butter - yuck!!

I passed my driving test first time

My favourite job was when I worked in a jewellers, I loved talking to people about their weddings when they came in to buy their wedding rings and bridal jewellery.

I get very competitive when I play board games, me and my sister like to call ourselves ''the dream team'' and always pair up if anyone ever gets a board game out at family do's

I used to collect thimbles when I was younger - I have no idea where they all are now! :(

I love to bake, and I have made pretty much everyone in my family a Birthday cake at some point

My favourite film is Anchorman, I cannot wait for the sequel

My favourite mobile phone ever was my nokia 3200, you could create your own cover designs and just slot them in, did anyone else ever have one of these!?

I am 5 ft 2

I don't like fizzy drinks - I will occasionally drink coca cola but I prefer it once it has been open a while and it isn't so fizzy!

I always need to be persuaded to go on roller coasters but once I am on them I love it!

I am not a morning all!

I have really enjoyed reading these posts, so please met me know if you have done one on your blog so I can have a read :)

Hope you're having a great week,


  1. I used to collect thimbles too! Heck knows where they are now though, must be in a box at my mum's haha! Glad to know I wasn't the only one! xoxo

    1. haha! I remember deciding whether to collect thimbles or teaspoons, and thimbles it was! x

  2. Replies
    1. I remember having a holographic style case insert for it, I thought it was the coolest thing ever! x

  3. Lovely post! I am definitely not a morning person either. I also love penguins I pretty much cry at Happy Feet ha! x

    1. aww I love Happy Feet too (and Mr Poppers Penguins!) x

  4. I used to love Steps too, sadly never got the chance to see them live though. That must have been amazing! Good luck with uni, are you in your final year now? x

  5. oh my god that cake looks amazing!!! and I used to collect thimbles too! I've no idea where mine are either...and snap with the roller coasters! x x x


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