Sunday, 18 November 2012

Welcome to my wardrobe :)

Hi Ladies,

So I thought I would do a post showing you a few of my favourite things from inside my wardrobe :)

I thought pick out an item which I had recently bought, something I wear the most, a bargain find and the item I treasure the most :)

My wardrobe was actually a really dark wood. I bought it second hand, sanded it down, painted it (with the help of my lovely mum!) and replaced the handles with some I found in a little vintage shop. I did the same with a matching chest of drawers, and I really love how they both turned out :)

1. Something I recently purchased

My most recent purchase is this dipped hem skirt which I bought from Miss Selfridge to wear out for a friends birthday recently. I love the colour which is a sort of rich wine/purple.

2. Something I wear the most

I have this cardigan in I think 4 different colours. It is from H&M, and they tend to bring out this style every Autumn/Winter in a few different colours. It is £14.99 so I usually pick up a couple when I see them arrive in store. I love the oversized style of this cardigan, its really big and cosy. I tend to throw them on if I'm pottering around the house and its cold, but I like to wear them out and about too and they look great with a skinny waist belt and a big scarf.

3. Something which was a bargain

I picked up this top in forever 21 when I went to New York with my boyfriend a few years ago. I can't remember exactly how much it was but it was not expensive at all (perhaps $20), and I always feel like it looks like it cost alot more than it really did. I have definitely got my wear out of this top. It is often the one I reach for if I am going out somewhere smart/casual. It looks great with jeans.

4. Something I treasure

The item I treasure the most actually sits at the bottom of my wardrobe, it is a vintage Hermes scarf which belonged to my Great Aunt, and was given to me, by her, as a gift a few years ago. I adore this scarf, so much so that I have never actually worn it, I'm too scared of it getting damaged! I'm saving its first outing for a special occasion :)

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Hope you're having a fab weekend.


  1. That cardigan looks so cosy! Love this idea for a blog post x

  2. your wardrobe is so pretty - i love your skirt

  3. Oooh Hermes! Definitely wear it - you only live once :)

    Lela -

    1. I agree, hopefully it will get its first outing soon! x


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx