Monday, 9 July 2012

New Shoes! :)

Hi Ladies,

Over the past month or so I have bought not one, not two but three new pairs of shoes which I thought I would share with you :) I'm don't usually buy shoes that often, and I tend to spend a bit more money on shoes which I know will last me a long time (I have two trusty pairs of heels both from Kurt Geiger which I absolutely treasure they have lasted me 4 years and counting!) but I fancied some new shoes for my summer holiday and who can resist a bargain?!

So the first pair are these bright turquoise jelly style flats from KG. They had these in a coral colour too and they were reduced from £25 to £9. When I tried them on they were so comfy that I just couldn't resist them! I love how bright and summery they are and I think they'll look great with jeans and shorts.

I don't really like to take heels on holiday, I prefer to take a few fancy pairs of flips flops but this year I was on the look out for a versatile pair of wedges with what a would like to call a sensible heel! I found just what I was looking for in debenhams a few weeks ago.

These were £20 and are from a range called good for the sole. They are so comfortable on will hopefully go with most things I am taking on holiday, I am really pleased with these I only wish they did them in a neutral/beige colour so I could get those too!

And finally I picked up these sparkly flats from ALDO

These were the most expensive of my new shoes at £30 and they're also currently the most uncomfortable (definitely need a bit of wearing in but hopefully they'll be fine!). I wanted some fancy flats to save for best for those times when I'm going out with friends for a meal or drinks and I don't really want to wear heels but don't want to wear my day to day shoes either. I love the detail on these, they remind me of a style Kurt Geiger had in a few years ago which I lusted after every time I went into the shop but could never bring myself to purchase! They are a soft suede style material and the detail on the toes is so lovely, I can't wait to wear them!

and that's everything! have you bought any new shoes recently?

Hope you have a fantastic week!


  1. Love the blue ones, I've got some squishy pink jellies from KG last year and I love them!

    1. i'm amazed at how comfy the are! I bet they look lovely in pink! x

  2. Love the jelly shoes - such a throwback to being a kid!x

    1. so true! I remember my mum buying me jelly shoes at the sea-side! x

  3. Those jelly shoes are adoreable :) really fun for the summer :) I hope you will take a look at my blog, I have REAL TECHNIQUES GIVEAWAY on at the moment :)



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