Friday, 6 May 2011

Superdrug Essentials :)

Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to blog about a couple of extremely affordable products which never leave my beauty collection. They are two items from superdrugs own essential range - the cucumber fragrance face wipes and normal hold styling mousse.

The cucumber fragrance face wipes are lovely and refreshing, although I dont use them on a daily basis I find them really hand for those times when it is a real effort to take your make up off and you just want to get into bed, or when you just want to freshen up! I also sometimes use them to take the bulk of my makeup off before I use my makeup remover and cleanser as it helps to make them last longer! These are such a bargain too at only 99p.

I have spoken before about how I find cheaper hair mousse much more effective on my hair than the more expensive brands when I want to use it to add a little volume at the root or to help scrunch my hair up into beachy waves. The superdrug essentials mousse works really well with my hair texture, it is not heavy or sticky and has just the right amount of hold, I always have this on my beauty shelf!

Have you ever used any of superdrugs essentials range? I am also incredibly exciting for superdrugs new beautycard which launches in less than a week!

Hope you've had a fantastic week,


  1. I use SuperDrugs Essentials Eye Make Up Remover. It is the best eye make up remover I have used.

    They are brining out a beautycard? I didn't know this hehe!


  2. these are bargains, i will probably try the wipes! :) xx

  3. I use the Superdrug Eye Make Up remover, Cleanser and Toner and love them. Just as good, if not better, that the more expensive brands I've tried :) xx

  4. Yep, I too have thw wipes and I think I've tried their toner and make-up remover too.

    Looking forward to the launch of the beautycard :-)

  5. @Nicola, @Laura, @Leanne ooo I hadn't noticed a make up remover i'll definitely look out for that next time i'm in superdrug!

    @Jessica Hope you like the wipes if you try them! :)


  6. @ DaisyBee, it is defiantly worth trying! I used to use Simple's eye make up remover because I have sensitive eyes, but Superdrugs own is so much better, and does a good job at getting the make up off! xx


Thankyou for your lovely comments! :-) xxx