Monday, 28 February 2011

Yankee Candles :-)

Hi Ladies,

I have always loved yankee candles, I think they smell divine and seem to last for ages! I remember when my friend first got me one as a present (clean cotton - still my favourite scent!) and it was love at first sight :) So, last month I decided to spend the last of my Christmas pennies (thankyou Dad!) on some new candles and a lovely little shade and tray to sit them on.

I got all of these (except the very old candle in the middle!) from Yankee Doodle. They have a huge selection of candles and accessories and I actually got both of the candles in their fragrance of the month promotion where each month they have three different scents at a discount. I always go for the small jar candles and in the promotion these were both around £5.00 - Bargain! As I mentioned before clean cotton is by far my favourite scent, It smells just like freshly laundered clothes, absolutely lovely! the 2nd candle I went for was garden sweet pea which is lovely too - its subtle, sweet and reminds me of spring :)

I have had my eye on the shades and trays for ages, and after browsing through all the different styles I finally settled on these ones. I love the blue glass mosaic, and it complements the decor in my room perfectly :)

Do you like yankee candles? if so, which are your favourite ones?

Have a lovely week!


  1. I <3 yankee candles! candles in all actually, but my faves from yankee have to be vanilla cupcake and black cherry mmm xo

  2. I love Yankee Candles. I like the sweet smelling one but clean cotton sounds lovely! I haven't got any of the shades but they look so pretty x

  3. I love yankee candles... my favourite is vanilla lime! I even have the car freshener hanging from my mirror x

  4. Great post!:)
    did you try the Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle? It's Amazing!!:)



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