Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My top 4 summer MAC eyeshadows :)

Hi Ladies,

I thought I would share with you, the MAC eyeshadows which I have been reaching for the most this summer! Quite often during the summer I prefer to skip the eyeshadow in my makeup routine and just wear a bit of powder on my eye lids and a touch of liquid liner but since coming back from my holiday (with a touch of a tan!) I've really enjoyed wearing warm, neutral eyeshadows, golds and bronzes :) So on to my top 4!

They are, from top right clockwise, Patina (frost), All that glitters (veluxe pearl), Time and Space (frost) and Naked Lunch (frost).

These 4 eyeshadows are definitely from the same MAC family. Patina is a dusty ash brown, with a slighty golden sheen. It is a great shadow for adding a little extra definition to the outer, and looks lovely blended with pretty much any neural eyeshadow! Time and Space is from the neo sci fi collection, and although its not available anymore I have spotted items from the neo sci fi collection in CCO's before so you might be able to pick it up there! Like patina it is a frost, and although It is quite similar in tone, it is a slightly richer more copper brown. Naked Lunch is one of my all time favourite eyeshadows, It is a super pretty pearly pink which complements so many other colours. All that glitters is a rich, shimmering peachy pink. I find all that glitters a little hard to work with on my paler skintone in the colder months, but with a little bit of a tan during the summer it looks lovely!

My current favourite combo is naked lunch all over the lid, with all that glitters blended into the crease and outer corner. Such a lovely shimmery natural look! All that glitters is only a touch darker than naked lunch so blended into the crease it provides just a touch of extra defintion. Perfect for a daytime, neutral eye look. If you have these two shadows give it a go and let me know what you think! :)

What are your favourite MAC eyeshadows this summer?

Have a fabulous week!


  1. My favourites for the summer are neutral colours too! I'm loving Tissueweight in the inner corner, Naked Pigment on he lid and cork or Satin Taupe in the crease. So gorgeous :) xx

  2. ooooo gorgeous colours, patina is defo next on my list :) x

  3. Oh sorry i forgot to add, my faves are phloof,satin taupe,jest and hush atm :) x

  4. Fantastic colours. Patina looks like Shale, which is my favourite.

  5. I've heard so much about naked lunch- may have to buy! Def agree with patina and all that glitters being summer staples x

  6. ahhh i don't own any of these and now i feel i need them! always been curious about patina, its just one of those that never catches my eye in person xxx

  7. @diamonds and pearls I definitely need to get my mits on satin taupe, It looks so pretty thanks for the recommendations! :) x

    @geisharocks I bypassed patina for ages too, it does look quite boring in the pan but its a great staple! :) x


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