Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Current Favourites :)

Hi Ladies! :)

I thought I would update you on some of my current favourites, I was going to call this my June favourites (I've never done monthly favourites before - How late am I on that bandwagon!) but realistically my favourite products don't change that dramatically from month to month (I'm a creature of habit) so current favourites it is! Right enough of me waffling - lets get started!

First up - Smashbox single eyeshadow in champagne

I adore this eyeshadow, and have been wearing it non stop for the past couple of months. It is a lovely light soft gold perfect for day and night. I've been wearing it all over the lid with a little eyeliner during the day (when I've woken up late!) and on a couple of night out blended with MAC's Knight divine and carbon for the perfect black and gold smokey eye - I love it! Smashbox eyeshadows are pretty pricey at £14.00 for a single eyeshadow - ouch! but I have been so impressed with this one that I am definitely going to try a couple more once I have some more pennies :)

Benefit Eye Bright

Yes, yes this was a glamour magazine freebie but this is actually my 3rd eye bright, one of few benefit products which I use on a regular basis. I use this on my inner corner, and it is an absolute life saver on bleary eyed mornings! The formulation of this is lovely and creamy but be careful if you take it on holiday or out on a sunny day it melts like crazy! I tend to pop mine in the fridge every now and again, which makes it even more lovely and cooling on my eyes in a morning! :)
Mac Hue Lipstick

Hue is such a lovely, easy to wear lipstick. I can highly recommend it to anyone who has never tried lipstick before (for many years I was strictly a gloss only girl!) its definitely a my lips but better colour - Really pretty and glossy and perfect for summer, this lives in my handbag at the moment!

and thats all for now! I am jetting off into the sunshine on holiday today for a week (eeek need to pack - why am I so last minute?!) so I apologise in advance for my upcoming lack of blogging, I will back next week with lots of lovely holiday related posts :)

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See you in a week!


  1. Have a lovely holiday! xx

  2. OOh I really like the MAC lippie, thanks for recommending, im usually a lipgloss girl and really want a MAC lipstick! :) x

  3. I really want Mac's Hue lipstick as it seems like a pretty wearable lipstick! Great post hun! x

  4. I love Champagne! It was my first Smashbox shadow and it's still one of my faves!

    Hope you had a great holiday! xx

  5. mm iwant that mac lip so badly! <3

  6. Lovely lipstick....hey check out my blog

  7. I have been wearing hue everyday- I adore it!

    Have an amazing hol xx


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