Friday, 24 August 2012

A weekend wedding - How I did my hair :)

Hi Ladies,

Last weekend I was at a wedding, it was a beautiful day and I had a fantastic time! I went for an updo with my hair to keep it out of the way (it was super hot) and neat and tidy. It was really easy to do so I thought I would share it with you :)

First of all I curled my hair with my babyliss wave wand to give my hair a bit more texture. I then put it into a low pony tail and used a bun doughnut (this one was from H&M) to create my bun by putting the doughnut over my ponytail distributing my hair around it in sections and securing it with kirby grips. I then put a pony tail band around the whole bun to secure it in place. My hair is pretty long, so I then split the extra hair into two sections, loosely plaited these, wrapped them around the bun in opposite directions and pinned them into place covering the blonde pony tail band :)

I bought the little pink flower from claire's accessories which I clipped into the side of my bun to hide any untidy bits, and I then used my wave wand to curl any loose bits of hair et voila!

My hair stayed put all day, I have a few different hair doughnuts but I really like the size of this one from H&M and it is a golden blonde colour making it a bit easier to cover with my hair. From what I can remember it was around £2.99.

Let me know if you'd like more hair themed posts, I really enjoy doing them! I also have a post coming up on my favourite hair tools :)

 Have a lovely weekend,


  1. Love the braiding around your bun, will have to try this. I saw a girl today with a flower hairband looped around her bun and it looked so pretty.

    1. ooo that sounds lovely with a flower hairband, very festival chic! x

  2. Pretty! xo


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