Monday, 20 June 2011

I'm Back! (A rambly update)

Well Hello Everyone! :)

I am finally back after my month long break, thankyou so much for sticking around and hello to any new readers who found my little blog in the past few weeks!

After being super bogged down in exams and work, I am finally able to relax and recuperate! My very lovely boyfriend took me to Alton Towers this weekend to celebrate the end of my exams (I had nine, four on consecutive days - I was shattered by the end of them!) We stayed in the Alton Towers hotel which was lovely and had two days in the park and water park to go on all the rides. I had a fab time, I think my favourite rides were Air and Thirteen, I always get massively nervous before going on rides then love it once I'm on them and practically skip to the end of that 2 hour queue to do it all over again haha! - Does anyone else do this?!

In other news, I hadn't been feeling very well for the past few months, and after some tests and various other things I have been diagnosed with coeliac diease. This means I have to eat a gluten free diet (bye pizza, pasta, cakes and biscuits!) Although I found this quite difficult to start with, I am getting used to it now and I'm feeling absolutely loads better and a lot happier. The main problem I'm having is with finding things I can eat out in restaurants and getting used to checking the labels on everything! I am going to start trying to bake myself some gluten free cakes and various other baked goods so I'll let you know how I get on with those! If anyone is a coeliac/gluten intolerant and has any yummy recipe's or can suggest any fab gluten free brands I would love to know! :)

I have lots of exciting posts coming up :) I think I might start doing some nice summery outfit of the day's again out in the garden, and I will be popping up a favourites posts very soon. Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to do a post on! :)

So here's a big thumbs up to being back blogging, wahey! (excuse the cringe picture!)

Hope you are all well, and thankyou very very much again for sticking with me! and sorry for this post being a bit of a ramble :)


  1. Welcome back! Sorry to hear about the diagnosis - I'd find it so hard to give up the bread! My cousin is a coeliac too, and I never realise just how many foods contained gluten until he was diagnosed. There are thousands of sweet and savoury gluten-free recipes on Foodgawker (, so I'm sure there'll be something that you fancy there! xx

  2. @Hannah ooo thanks Hannah, some of the things on there look absolutely delicious! xx

  3. Glad you're back! My mum can't have anything with starch in which is quite a bit more complicated but along the same lines, she has managed this for about 5 years now! She buys rice flour and pasta from Doves Farm, Mrs Crimbles coconut bites and eats more fresh food rather than processed which is the way to go. I'm a pro at reading the ingredients labels for her now as even low fat mayo and some yoghurts she can't have so all I'd say is don't assume something's okay for you, read the ingredients too! She loves Phil Vickery's cookery book for recipes. xx

  4. thanks Jo :) Someone else recommended Phil Vickery's cookery books to me too so I'll definitely check them out! xx

  5. welcome back deary! :D BTW, nice blog. Keep it up!
    Definitely going to follow you :)
    misskatv ✿


    Hey hun this is the site I was on about WEEKS ago on Twitter and the first link is how I saw it on the Where Are My Knees blog. xoxoxo


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